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What are Garage Door Rollers?

Rollers are one of the key components of a garage door system, and they play a vital role in the door’s operation. The rollers allow the heavy door to smoothly open and close, and they help to keep the door in alignment.

Over time, however, the rollers wear out or break and may need to be replaced. Roller replacement may be the solution if you have problems with your garage door.

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Door roller replacement services

Can I Replace the Rollers on my Garage Door?

You may be able to replace the rollers on your own, but it is a complex and dangerous job. It is best to leave roller replacement to a professional garage door company near you, like Capital garage door repair. Capital’s technicians have the experience and the tools to do the job right, and we can get it done with our same-day service.

What are the Signs I Need to Replace my Garage Door Rollers?

Look out for the following signs:

  • The garage door is making noise: If it starts grinding or squeaking, it may be a sign that the rollers are damaged and need to be replaced.
  • The garage door is not operating smoothly: If your door starts to stick or bind when you try to open or close it, the rollers may be to blame.
  • The garage door is off-track: If your door starts to come off the tracks, it could be due to damaged or worn rollers.
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How Often Should Garage Door Rollers be Replaced?

The frequency with which you may need to replace the garage door rollers will depend on several factors, including the type of roller, the material it is made from, and how often you use it. In general, however, you should plan on replacing your rollers every five to eight years.

Do Bad Rollers Affect Garage Door Openers?

Yes, bad rollers can affect a garage door opener. If the opener cannot lift the door smoothly, it can cause it to work harder than it should and eventually fail.

How Much Does Roller Replacement Cost?

The roller replacement cost will vary depending on the roller you need and the overhead door company you hire. However, you can expect to pay between $200 and $400 for this garage door service.

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Best garage door rollers in Harrisburg

Capital’s Garage Door Roller Repair Services in Harrisburg-York Area

If you suspect you may need to replace the garage door rollers, contact Capital Garage Door Repair. We offer same-day service in Harrisburg and the surrounding areas, and we can have your door working like new again in no time. Call (717) 775-6003 if your need any of the following:

  • Roller Lubrication
  • Roller Alignment
  • Roller Maintenance
  • Roller Replacement
  • Roller Installation
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Capital is Your One-Stop Shop for Residential Garage Doors!

In addition to our roller repair services, we also offer a full range of residential garage door services, including:

  • New garage door installation.
  • Garage door openers: repair, replace, and installation.
  • Broken garage door spring replacement.
  • Replacement panels and sections.
  • Door off-track repair.
  • Broken cable repair.
  • Annual maintenance plans.
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Tips on How to Prevent Damage to Garage Door Rollers?

There are several things you can do to prevent damage to garage door rollers, including:

  • Regularly inspect your rollers and tracks for damage.
  • Keep the garage door system clean.
  • Lubricate your rollers and tracks every couple of months.
  • Do not try to force your door open or closed if it is stuck.
  • Do not allow children to play with the garage door or opener remote.

Residential garage doors require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. By following these tips, you can help prolong the life of your garage door and avoid the need for costly repairs or replacements.

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Residential Garage Doors Services Near Me

Which Brand of Garage Door Rollers Does Capital Use?

At Capital Garage Door Repair, we use various brands of garage door rollers depending on the needs of our customers. In most cases, we install Clopay replacement rollers because of their extensive assortment and high-quality construction.

Are Rollers for Commercial Garage Doors the Same?

No, commercial garage doors require a different type of roller than residential doors. Commercial doors are much heavier and need a more robust roller to support the weight.

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Commercial garage door repair & replacement

What is the Capital Garage Door Roller Replacement Process?

The Capital garage door roller replacement process is straightforward. We assess the door and determine which rollers need to be replaced. We will then remove the old rollers and install new ones in their place. Once the new rollers are in place, we will test your door to ensure it is working correctly.

Why Choose Capital Garage Door Repair Services?

There’s nothing better than working with an overhead door company that is local, family-owned, and committed to providing outstanding customer service. Capital Garage Door Repair has been serving Harrisburg-York and Lancaster, PA customers for many years. We have built a solid reputation for being the best garage door repair company in Harrisburg, PA, for homes and businesses.

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When you call Capital Garage Door Repair, you can expect:

  • A live person to answer your call
  • Prompt, fast response, and professional service
  • Fully stocked trucks for emergency service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Exceptional customer service
  • A team of highly trained technicians with extensive experience

What Some of Our Other Customers Say About Us

Dawn K. - Camp Hill, PADawn K. – Camp Hill, PA

“Capital did an excellent job replacing the broken garage door springs within two hours of my call. The technicians were friendly and efficient, and the price was very reasonable. I will use Capital again for any future garage door needs.”

John M. - Harrisburg, PAJohn M. – Harrisburg, PA

“I have hired Capital Garage Door Repair to fix my old garage door, and they have always done a great job. This time they installed two new garage door openers and replaced the cables and broken springs. Everything was done quickly, and the door is working better than ever.”

Michelle B. - Mechanicsburg, PAMichelle B. – Mechanicsburg, PA

“This is the best overhead door company in the Harrisburg area! They carry all the best garage doors and openers brands, and they’re always able to get the parts I need. They’re also very reasonably priced and work around my schedule. Customer satisfaction is their middle name!”

Nick G. - Lancaster, PANick G. – Lancaster, PA

“Capital installed a new Wayne Dalton garage door for me, and I couldn’t be happier. The appointment was scheduled for the following evening, and the sales rep arrived on time. He also pointed out the door and opener’s safety features and ensured I understood how it all worked. Very professional and knowledgeable. The technicians were exceptionally professional and did a fantastic job. The door looks amazing, and it was installed in no time.”

Ron. W
Ron. W

Ron has been working as a garage door technician with his dad since he graduated Hi-School. With over 25 years of experience, Ron is one of the best garage door technicians in the US.

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