How Much Does it Cost to Have a New Garage Door Opener Installed?

How Much Does it Cost to Have a New Garage Door Opener Installed?

Our garage doors provide convenient and, often, keyless entry into our homes and businesses. They make it easy when you are trying to get inside after a grocery trip or a long day in the office, but – they also create a boundary and provide our defence and protection from the outside world or those we do not want in our personal space. They protect you from the unknown and peace of mind regarding the safety of your household or business.

If you’re currently reading this article, chances are – you may want to install a garage door opener for your residence or commercial property. When exploring anything home improvement-related, the first question is, “What is the typical price of the project, goods, or services?”

Installing a garage door opener is a larger project than one may perceive, and there are many moving pieces to the mechanism that keep it in working order. Suppose you are interested in new garage door opener systems. In that case, evaluating the final price before you commit to the experience seems the most responsible thing you can do as a consumer.

Garage door opener machine
Your garage door opener offers a much greater level of security for your home than you may have thought

secure homeGarage Door Openers – The Key to Safety & Security

Garage doors provide safety to our homes in more ways than one. They create a barrier between your home and the outside world that anyone can lock down without permission to enter. They are also incredibly safe for your cars and family members – who are constantly driving or walking through the doorway. Your front door does not provide the same protection as it typically operates using a hinged system that can be easily removed if an intruder puts their mind to it.

Your garage door opener provides security and peace of mind because you are the only one who can operate it. It is in complete control of your entire system and the opening/shutting of the door. If you are running into issues or have dealt with frequent repairs of your current garage door opener – this can seriously compromise the security of your entire home.

Old Garage Door Opener?

Garage door contractors will tell you that most garage door openers will last you, on average, 10 to 15 years. Most garage doors will double that in lifespan, offering up to 30 years of service. As your garage door openers age, you will find various problems that can bring inconvenience, stress, and frustration to your everyday life.

Many things can go wrong with an old garage door opener – remote control and switches may go out, making it so you cannot open or close your garage door. It may not close all the way – leaving your garage accessible to anyone. It may get stuck in reverse when opening or closing or stop working altogether. An old garage door is one of the leading reasons people reach out to garage door professionals to assess garage door opener costs and estimates.

Average Garage Door Opener Costs

Most Americans consider cost when approaching any kind of home project or upgrade because it impacts the rest of your life. Budgets are critical to everyone’s lives – they help us manage incoming payments and outgoing bills and provide stability for ourselves and our families.

LiftMaster Garage door openers typically cost $350 for a basic opening system you cannot find at home improvement stores and can range up to $900. The national average sits at about $475. This is for the opener system alone and does not include a professional garage door installer.

Most garage door opener installers charge anywhere from $300 to $500 for labour and installation costs. This can bring your final cost to about $700.

installation costs for garage door
Depending on what work is required, your repair costs can vary greatly. Make sure you budget accordingly!

cost factors for garage door opener installationGarage Door Opener Installation Cost Factors

Many different mechanisms go into the operation of your garage doors, and therefore there are many things to factor in regarding garage door opener installation cost.

Your price can vary depending on the garage door installers you choose to work with, attempting your equipment rentals and doing it yourself, or additional costs and fees applied to the garage door opener installation process – such as the use of an extension kit for garage doors taller than 7 feet in height.

The question of… “How much will it cost me to install garage door opener?” can differ greatly as everyone has a different starting point and end goal in garage door opener repair, replacement, and installation.

Labor and Installation Costs

Labour costs will inevitably take up a significant portion of your garage door opener installation process. Committing to a new garage door opener is another procedure – choosing a reliable team to install it. You can consider heading down to Lowes or Home Depot to purchase a stock garage door opener and attempt the complete installation yourself – this may save you a little bit of money but installing a new garage door is not something you can learn on Youtube.

Professional Installation Makes All the Difference

Garage door opener installation is a complex task, and when you invest in a new garage door or door opener, it is best to work with a professional who genuinely knows what they are doing. Various garage door opener installation companies will have different pricing for installation services, but the average is approximately $400.

Installation costs will impact the total price of your new garage door opener systems. Still, most companies will review an estimate for installation before your service date – allowing you to compare quotes and choose what will work best for you and your budget.

Type of Garage Door Openers

The type of garage door openers will make a difference in the total cost of your installation service. The type of garage door openers that will work best for you primarily rely on the kind of garage door or doors you have or wish to have.

They all revolve around how your garage space accessories your house and the kind of house you currently own. If you have double doors, you invest in a different garage door opener than someone with a single door.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

belt-driven opener utilizes a belt to move your garage door – a steel-reinforced rubber belt, to be specific. These are relatively quiet systems and are ideal in an attached-style garage. A belt drive system is a bit more expensive than a chain drive opener option, and this garage door opener installation will cost you about $300 to $475.

Belt-drive garage door openers are commonly used in American homes as they do not require a ton of maintenance, and the use of modern technology like – Wifi & Bluetooth makes them more attractive to modern families. The downside to a belt drive is they cannot lift heavy garage doors and chain systems, and they can wear out a little quicker too.

chain drive garage door opener
Chain-operated garage door openers may be cost-effective but the noise factor might prove disturbing

Chain Drive Opener System

Chain drive openers differ greatly from a belt drive system. Chain-driven openers are a more basic design and use a metal chain to pull and lower the garage door. They are noisier than a belt drive garage door opener because they use a metal chain for operating systems, but they are also incredibly strong and durable. Chain drive systems are automatic garage door openers and came onto the market as the first automatic opener for America’s homes.

The average cost to install chain-driven openers comes in at about $300 to $450 – they are a more inexpensive option overall, but you have to assess if the system is suitable for your garage space. Chain drive openers can easily lift heavy doors if you are interested in a double-door option, but they aren’t great if you have a bedroom above your garage. Chain drive systems also require more maintenance than a belt drive or other system options.

Screw Drive Openers

Screw drive openers utilize a threaded metal screw rod to function your garage door. While the screw drive garage door opener used to be incredibly popular, they are not quite as sought after as they once were. The average cost for a screw drive garage door opener is $375 to $550.

Unlike chain drive and belt drive systems – a screw drive opener uses a screw rod that rotates to open or close your garage door. It doesn’t require much maintenance but doesn’t do great in severe weather or extreme temperatures. A screw drive mechanism system works great for large or oversized garage doors as they can take on the weight and have the power to lift.

Direct Drive Garage Door Opener

A direct drive opener is entirely different from a screw, chain drive, or belt drive; it uses a motor to open and close the garage door. Direct drive systems are incredibly quiet and have tremendous strength. A direct drive system costs about $285 to $500 for installation.

Direct drive openers include additional design and safety components – sensors, automatic openers, automatic locking, automatic reverse, etc. It offers many benefits and is suitable for almost any door type, but it is the most expensive out of all the garage door opener options.

How Much Horsepower It Has…

Your garage door opener cost is influenced by the power it offers. How much horsepower does your unit need – that is the real question at hand. Most automatic garage door openers will be available using different manufacturers, and you can review your options with a team of professionals. They can help you choose a model with the right horsepower for your garage door. Generally, the more expensive the opener – the more horsepower it has, alongside additional tech.

genie garage door opener machines for sale
Manufacturers such as Genie set the standard for efficient and affordable garage door openers.

Brand & Models

Many brands create garage door openers, and each brand has its make and models accessible. There are more affordable options like GenieCraftsman & Chamberlain. Most of their automatic garage door openers will cost $140 to $500.

You also have more expensive options, such as LiftMasterHormann & Linear. The average price of a higher-end garage door opener is approximately $325 to $950. These are incredibly reliable garage door openers with dynamic features and modern appeal for a contemporary garage. It is truly up to you and what garage door opener best fits your home and budget.

Garage Door Parts

Sometimes unexpected things can arise when installing a new garage door opener, resulting in needing additional parts and labor. Your technician can be in the middle of their installation only to find out that the garage door spring is completely rusted and requires replacement.

Other times there needs to be work done on the tracks, cables, belts, and weightsInstalling a garage door opener is not always as simple as it may seem. So many different parts go into making your garage door work, and everything needs to be assessed to complete a successful installation.

calculating budget for garage door opener repairs
When grabbing a hold of your budget, getting a clear idea of what you need done for your garage door repairs is the first important step.

added costs for garage door opener installation Additional Costs Associated with Garage Door Openers

A garage door opener ranges in cost, especially regarding additional charges. To budget for garage door opener costs, you need to know everything that could be included with your installation. Additional fees should be considered for almost any home improvement project, and garage door openers are no exception.

Understanding the full scope of your project helps to guide your budget. Working with a professional garage door contractor provides you with all the best benefits. When working with an experienced contractor, you can rely on their expertise for just about anything garage-related – including tracking your budget for your garage door opener cost.

Removing an Existing Garage Door Opener

Just about any garage door opener installation process includes removing the old one – unless, for some reason, it was previously removed, there wasn’t a legit unit already in the garage, etc. Many garage door installers will include removing your old garage door opener system and installing a new one, but not everyone. Often, the removal process is just included in the general costs and fees listed on your quote.

Labor Costs

The removal process shouldn’t take longer than an hour if that. If you are being charged for removing your old garage door opener, then it makes sense to review that with your technicians in advance or through the quoting process. Most companies charge about $90 to $140 in labour, so if the removal takes an hour – you have a better gauge of what you can expect to pay in total.

Garage Door Sensors

Sensors are the safety features in your garage that ensure no one or nothing is getting smashed as the door closes. They are placed near the bottom of the garage door and usually sit about 5-6 inches off the floor. It is a federal law that any garage door has safety sensors, as people should be protected in their own homes and garages!

Laser & Automatic Safety Sensors

There are two main types of safety sensors: laser and automatic reverse. A laser safety sensor uses lasers that are projected across the pathway of your garage door opening. If something is getting in the way or blocking that laser – it is triggered to stop. These sensors are generally $50.00 to $200.00 but should always be installed by an expert to ensure they are working correctly before use.

An automatic reverse sensor will use touchpoints to trigger an automatic reverse. Say a garage door is closing and touches the top of your car – it will automatically reverse. These sensors cost about $80 to $200, but the final price of your sensors largely depends on the brand manufacturing the products used for your garage.

garage door opener lighting led
Lighting for your garage door opener offers an alternative light source for your garage

Garage Door Lighting & Wiring

Most garage door openers have built-in lights but not all. If you need to have lighting installed, this can change the total price of your installation. You have the option to install additional lighting beyond just the opener that is triggered when the garage door opens and shuts.


If you are installing lighting, the average cost comes to about $150 to $250 – this largely depends on the kind of lighting you want to install and how you want them to be utilized. This factor should be discussed with your contractor before your service date to finalize the details.

garage door remote opener
Once a luxury item, remote controllers for your garage door are more commonplace than ever.

Garage Door Remote Control or Keypads

It is 2023, and most of us cannot get out of our cars to open and close our garage doors. Luckily, remotes and keypads have been around to make everything more convenient when entering and exiting your homestead!

Garage Remotely

Most people like to change their keypads and require new remotes when installing a new unit. Your remote control connects to the garage door opener, making opening and closing as easy as clicking a button. The cost to upgrade or replace is about $90-$180 for both remotes and keypads. You also have the option to move everything to an app on your smartphone and controlling wirelessly!

Garage Door Battery Backup

Having a battery backup is crucial in case your power goes out because, unfortunately, without power – your garage becomes useless – there is no one getting in or out. Opting for a battery backup is an intelligent decision but adds to the list of expenses for your installation budget.

Some brands come with a built-in backup, but you have to opt for that particular model, and for those that do not come with the option, you are looking at about $125 to $220 for the backup.

Regular Maintenance for Your New Garage Door Opener

We know that all garage door openers and your garage door require regular maintenance to keep the system in working order. Some systems need more care than others, but all units should be maintained and inspected. It would help if you had a technician out at least once a year to assess your garage door, opener, tracks, cables, springs, etc.

Perks of Maintaining Your Garage Doors

Maintaining your garage door opener and garage doors produces many benefits for you as the user:

  • Maintenance is preventative and prevents the need for frequent repairs. It allows you to catch things early before they become a breakdown or costly situation.
  • Increases the lifespan of your garage door opener and garage door, keeping all parts of your garage in the best shape.
  • You can use your warranty options when needed and before they expire!
  • Inspections make your garage safe and ensure continued safety when using your garage door.
professional garage door experts for you
Hiring a reputable, professional company is the smoothest, most effective way to get your garage door repair work done!

professional garage door repair manWorking With a Garage Door Expert

Working with a garage door expert is the best way to ensure a successful garage door opener installation process. You should always research which contractor is best suited for the job to ensure they are properly licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced. Once you have a reliable contractor to work with, there are other advantages you will experience…

Access to High-Quality Garage Door Openers & Equipment

A garage door specialist has access to all the very best garage door openers and garage door equipment. They have established relationships with the bands they work with and should always offer a variety of options to their clients.

This makes things highly convenient for you, as you do not have to go out on your own and vigorously research the best options for your garage door. You can work with your contractor to determine what will best suit your garage while gaining their expert opinion along the way!

Safety Comes First

Working with garage door opener installers should instil a sense of peace within you. When working with experienced technicians, you are guaranteed a safe environment throughout the process. If you attempt to do things yourself, you do not have the added insurance of knowledge and expertise. A dependable contractor will always put your safety above everything else.

Resource for Future Garage Door Opener Repair

This one is obvious, but if you end up with superior technicians – you then have a team you can trust for any repairs, replacement, or maintenance in the future. Who better to trust with garage door opener repair than the crew that installed it for you? If something goes wrong, you already have a working relationship with them, and you can turn to them for any questions or concerns you have along the way!

Save Time & Save Money

You may be thinking, how does hiring a professional garage door installer save me money? It saves you time because you are not the one committing to the work and labour behind the installation process, but it also saves you money. You can shop around when looking for contractors to compare quotes and book with someone you feel suits your budget, and they will get the installation done right.

If you are attempting to complete the installation yourself, you do not have the same experience and cannot complete the project with the same skills and precision. It may not be installed properly, cause further damage, and require repair and professional installation.

FAQ for garage door repair professionals
We are asked a great many questions from our clients. All are perfectly valid and worth bringing up when you speak with a garage door professional!

frequently asked questions for garage door opener expertsQuestions Garage Door Installers Are Frequently Asked…

How much do home improvement stores charge to replace or install a garage door opener?

Sometimes taking the time to research garage door installation companies seems overwhelming, and many people choose the latter option – heading down to the closest home improvement project store, purchasing a unit, and asking them to install the entire unit. While this seems reasonable, there is much more footwork on your part, and you do not have the benefits you would if you had worked with an expert in the field.

The average charge from places like Ace Hardware, Home Depot, or Lowes is approximately $200 to $600. This is not too different from booking your installation with reliable garage door contractors. Capital Garage Door Services offers repair, replacement, installation, and emergency services and includes a free estimate and consultation for any procedure.

Do I need regular maintenance on my garage door opener?

The older your garage door opener gets – the more maintenance is required, but even still, maintaining your garage door opener and drive mechanism systems is essential. By engaging in routine maintenance for your garage door opener, you can expect to pay less on repairs and inevitably prolong the life of your opening system.

Garage door openers are similar to the vehicles we store in the garage – they need regular tune-ups, safety inspections, lubrication, etc. The long and short of it is – yes, you need routine maintenance for your garage door opener, which will help preserve the unit and prevent breakdowns or repairs.

Can I install a garage door alone or D-I-Y?

Garage door opener installation cost will decrease significantly if you decide to take things into your own hands and do it yourself. If you wanted to install it alone, you would still want some assistance nearby to ensure your safety and the security of your system. There is only so much you can complete with two hands, as you are standing on a ladder…

Overall, we wouldn’t recommend it because if you don’t know what you are doing, you will spend more money in the long run. Many professionals can assist you in your garage door opener installation while remaining budget-friendly. Capital Garage Door Services is committed to serving clients with superior installation at affordable prices!

How much time will it take to install a garage door opener?

If you attempt to install a garage door opener on your own, it could take an entire day or days to complete the installation correctly. Most garage door contractors estimate two to six hours for garage door opener installation. If you insist on additional technologies – automatic opener, automatic reverse, automatic lock – the timeframe could increase slightly, averaging four to eight hours.

How much should I expect to pay when I install a garage door opener with an experienced garage door contractor?

The average garage door opener replacement and installation costs anywhere from $500 to $950, but the greatest way to find what works best for your budget is to consult with the professionals. You can gain clarity on your installation costs and compare quotes between different companies before making any serious decisions.

Capital Garage Door Repair provides a free quote and complete assessment of all garage door services. If you are interested in gaining more information, call (717) 775-6003 to consult with a team of experienced, licensed professionals and get started on securing your new garage door opener at a reasonable price today!

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